How to Become a Professional Product Photographer

Learn how to become a professional product photographer with tips & requirements from an expert. Get started with the right equipment & portfolio.

How to Become a Professional Product Photographer

Are you interested in becoming a professional product photographer? If so, you'll need to have experience in photography, advertising, or marketing. A certificate or associate degree in photography can be beneficial, but many freelance photographers are self-taught. To become a product photographer, you'll need to have photography skills, a strong portfolio, and a relevant degree or experience. You may want to pursue an associate degree or bachelor's degree in photography, graphic arts, or advertising.

No matter what your educational background is, you should create a portfolio to show potential employers or clients. You can work on this portfolio as part of your studies or independently. Some photographers start their careers as photo assistants and create their portfolios with the guidance of working photographers. It's common for freelance product photographers to own their own photographic equipment.

If you're looking for creative freedom and flexibility, product photography may not be the best option for you. As a product photographer, your job responsibilities revolve around taking photographs of products for use in advertisements, promotions, and other marketing materials. To make progress in product photography, consider investing in a pair of speedlites. This will allow you to unleash your creativity and explore different light sources and how diffusion material can help. Product photography is one of the highest-earning types of photography and it allows you to work on very interesting campaigns with very creative people.

To start a product photography business, create an excellent portfolio of photos that you can use to promote your skills. Ultimately, the question isn't whether you can become a product photographer, but how far you're willing to go to become one. Speedlites offer a good springboard for moving from natural light to studio light, but they have their limitations when it comes to lighting for product photography. In addition to a camera and tripod, the rest of the equipment needed for product photography is minimal and doesn't cost much. Product photography is one of the most lucrative photographic genres, but it often requires a good selection of equipment and a thorough knowledge of light.