The Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Are you looking for a totally free photo editing app? Look no further! From Photoscape to GIMP to Lightroom CC to Pixlr to Snapseed to BeFunky to PiZap to PicsArt to PicLab - there's something for everyone.

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Are you looking for a totally free photo editing app? Look no further! There are plenty of great options out there that won't cost you a dime. From Photoscape to GIMP, Darktable to Lightroom CC, Pixlr to Snapseed, BeFunky to PiZap, and PicsArt to PicLab, there's something for everyone. Photoscape is a fun and feature-packed free photo editor that is still very easy to use. You can apply a multitude of settings and effects to your photos.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Software) is one of the best editing applications available anywhere and at any price. It has an impressive feature set and more are being added all the time. Darktable is an excellent program that replicates the functions and experience of using Lightroom. Plus, it's free and doesn't have annoying paid features to unlock.

Like Lightroom, Darktable allows you to view all your photos on a digital “lightboard” and then improve and adjust each photo in a non-destructive way as you wish. Primarily created as a RAW editor, Darktable works with JPEG, TIFF and a host of other files. Darktable bridges the gap between RAW developers and image management software. Like GIMP, Darktable is also completely open source, which means that it also has a lot of plugins available to users.

But also like GIMP and Lightroom, this software is aimed at advanced users with advanced needs. If you're a beginning photographer with simplicity as your goal, there are probably other places you'd be better off looking. Photoscape lacks the more intricate and complex editing tools of GIMP or Darktable, but it's also incredibly fast and easy to use. I use it to edit JPEG files in batches for eBay or email because I can quickly apply global settings and then reduce the size of a large number of high-resolution photos in just a few seconds. Among the best-known free photo editing software programs is GIMP.

Like Paint, Net, GIMP also has extensions that you can download to access additional editing options and new file formats. Many of these extensions are created by GIMP users who know exactly what features their fellow users want. Without any add-ons, the software supports GIF, TIFF, PNG, PSD and JPEG. Lightroom CC is one of the best photo editing apps that you can download for free. It's a full-featured photo manager and editor that comes complete with support for RAW images, Lightroom presets for mobile devices, exposure settings, watermarks, etc. Pixlr is an easy-to-use application with 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters.

All the menu options are located at the bottom of the application for easy access, and you can always see the before and after before committing to editing. Tools include cropping, rotating, double exposure, common settings, automatic correction, automatic contraction, blur, soften, focus, splash, heal and remove red eyes. There are also great effects, lots of overlays, and stylization options such as pencil and watercolor. Pixlr also supports frames and text. The effects and styles that you can add to an image with Google's Snapseed app are very nice, and applying them is extremely easy with just a swipe of your finger. You can save the edited images with a custom name in any folder or open them directly from Snapseed in another application.

BeFunky is an extremely easy to use application because the buttons are clear and understandable and all the editing tools are classified into sections that make it easy to find. PiZap allows you to edit images that you have on your device or one on your Facebook account. You can also open stock photos and backgrounds from an integrated gallery. With more than 500 million installations, PicsArt is clearly one of the most popular free photo editing apps. Probably because it's packed with features, some completely unique to the others on this list. The PicLab image editing app shows a small watermark at the bottom of the image when you save it, but if the other apps on this list didn't do it for you, you might like this one. It has an image editor and a collage maker.

PicLab Pro removes the watermark, unlocks all filters, stickers, fonts and overlays, and offers more features without ads. There is often a trial version that you can use for free.