Types of Product Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

Product photography or e-commerce photography is commercial photography used to capture products from websites, social networks & other platforms to boost sales & awareness.

Types of Product Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

Product photography is more fashionable than ever, and the reason is simple. In our online shopping world, where millions of products are sold online, there is a great need for good, clean product photographs. Different types of product photography will require different approaches to showcasing the particular product. One of the most common types of product photographs is the individual shot, which contains only one object in the frame.

Group photos, on the other hand, show more than one product together. A perfume bottle, for example, will require a different lighting approach than the product packaging because the surfaces of the products are different. For online retailers that sell a variety of products, speed and efficiency are needed when creating images of products that sell the product. This could mean that they have a studio setup that doesn't move; all products are recorded with the same static settings.

This water bottle is a perfect example of a simple lighting setup on a white background, which clearly shows the shape of the product. The use of a white background allows the plastic to show its translucency and its green color. This product photo clearly indicates to the purchaser what the product is made of and what it looks like. Also note that, in today's retail markets, shopping at a local retail store allows the shopper to hold, touch and feel the product. The online shopper doesn't have that option.

A clear picture of the product is crucial to selling that product online. Many products are recorded in the studio and the main reason is total control; you can place your product in a position to photograph it and not worry about the wind blowing something overhead or creating a configuration that doesn't change as you move the products in and out, photographing each arrangement. When shooting high-volume products, it's just as important to create a lighting setup that requires little change while you adjust the product to make it perfect. The camera angle is from above looking down; it allows us to position each product as desired or overlapping, as seen here. What is missing in this recumbent approach is the three-dimensional appearance of clothing itself. Using mannequins to display clothing provides a more three-dimensional appearance to the product.

Mannequins come in a variety of sizes and body shapes and allow for different poses to better show off clothes. In this example, we placed shorts on a mannequin and then illuminated them with studio lighting to further improve their three-dimensional look. The designer then cut out the shorts and placed them in a catalog design. The small sets staged in the studio are another approach to making the product appear to be in a specific environment and, in this case, outside. I bought stone slabs from a decorative stone company while autumn leaves came from an art supply store; these items remain in our study utility room so we can use them on multiple shoots as needed. I collected ferns and cedar branches at a local park for this session; the final image is a sharp image of a studio product with an external touch.

Occasionally, product photos that don't show a product are needed; they are configured, illuminated and organized just like a product photo in which a product appears but there is no specific product in the image. This type of product photography doesn't sell a product but it sells an idea; these wrapped gifts represent gift wrapping or gift wrapping services. There is no specific product for sale but stores can use this image to promote their Black Friday sales or holiday holidays and their gift wrapping services.

This product photo session was created with the same concept except that it represents celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.; there is nothing specific for sale in this photo but this image conveys celebration so customers can use it for anything where cake and gifts are part of the event. In another product photo that does not promote a product, this image is part of a series of images of a golf course; its advertising theme was TIME where each advertisement mentioned something about weather. Like mannequins used for clothes, you can hang some products to make them appear more three-dimensional; I hung these climbing harnesses on several posts with fishing line by moving poles further apart so harness appears more three-dimensional then with Photoshop graphic designer removes background and fishing line for three-dimensional floating look. Product photography is part of commercial photography used to capture your product in its best photographic representation for e-commerce; according to report good product photography can increase conversion rate by almost 30%. Product photography or e-commerce photography is type commercial photography which captures products from websites social networks other platforms boost sales awareness. In addition you can even check out detailed guide 24 composition techniques improve photos customers interact with image look at however they want learn more about 360-degree product photography guide. This great way give 3D effect more realistic look; it mainly uses plain background studio lighting professional camera capture all details then customers can interact with image look at however they want. Simple images studio products mean all recorded same way occasionally don't show promote idea wrapped gifts represent gift wrapping services nothing specific sale but stores use image promote Black Friday sales holiday holidays gift wrapping services. Product photo session created same concept except represents celebrations birthdays anniversaries etc.; nothing specific sale photo conveys celebration customers use anything where cake gifts part event. In another not promote part series golf course advertising theme TIME each advertisement mentioned something about weather like mannequins used clothes hang some make appear three-dimensional hung climbing harnesses several posts fishing line moving poles further apart appears three-dimensional then Photoshop graphic designer removes background fishing line three-dimensional floating look. Product photography part commercial photography used capture best photographic representation e-commerce according report good increase conversion rate almost 30%. Product e-commerce type captures websites social networks platforms boost sales awareness make easier customers see visually.