Optimizing Amazon Product Images: What Size is Best?

When it comes to optimizing images for Amazon product pages there are a few key rules to keep in mind. Learn how to optimize aspect ratio and resolution for maximum impact.

Optimizing Amazon Product Images: What Size is Best?

When it comes to optimizing images for Amazon product pages, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. Image zoom capabilities start when the image has at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and 500 pixels on the shortest side. However, it is set to 1080×1080 pixels. Make sure that the size of your logo image is 120 x 30 pixels and that the file size is a maximum of 2 MB.

The maximum file size for the website is 500 pixels, but if you want customers to be able to enlarge your images, they must be at least 1000 pixels and the optimal size is 1600 pixels or more on the longest side, not exceeding 10,000 pixels. Zooming has been shown to increase conversions, so it's highly recommended to enable this feature. A professional company that can help you with editing product images, such as image cropping, color correction, creating product drop shadows, and the Ghost Mannequin service. In accordance with Amazon's product image guidelines, every Amazon marketplace detail page must include at least one product image. Depending on the category of your product, you can upload up to nine images to your Amazon listing, but it's highly recommended to reserve one of those spaces for a product video.

The advantage of using one or two lifestyle photos in addition to product photos is that it helps to show how simple the product is to use. The MAIN image should only show the product you're selling on a white background and the product should fill the frame of the image. The image should explain the comparison between the benefits of using the product and the problem that you might face without using it.

Optimizing Your Amazon Product Images for Maximum Impact

While product selection and product description can have a big effect on your success, the photos you select can also affect your sales. The main image of your Amazon product is the photo that customers will see first in search results and on Amazon product pages.

With this knowledge, it's much easier to take action, whether it's talking to the supplier, modifying the product title, or creating a new product image. Emphasizing the main images (in this case, optimizing the aspect ratio of the images so that they appear larger than the competition's unoptimized images) helps consumers to unconsciously classify your product as the main product. For example, in the case of square-shaped products, such as cream jars, sellers may choose to keep a cropped square image because the entire product takes up more space in the image and, therefore, appears larger and with more detail. In addition, the photos of your products will not only appear larger in searches, but it will also be easier for you to see all the features of the product. Choosing the correct aspect ratio and image resolution allows the site to display the image of your product in sponsored advertisements, search results, or similar product carousels, without losing its quality.

One of the best practices for optimizing the image of your Amazon product is to inform buyers about the product with instructional photos.