Why is Amazon Charging Me Multiple Times a Month?

Find out why Amazon might be charging you multiple times a month and how to get your account refunded.

Why is Amazon Charging Me Multiple Times a Month?

Orders on Amazon can be divided into several shipments or even multiple orders, which can result in multiple charges. This is likely to happen if you accidentally click “Buy” twice or if your payment information isn't saved correctly and the item is repurchased automatically. If you find yourself in this situation, the first step is to check your purchase history on Amazon to see if there are any purchases you haven't made. Then, contact them to get your account refunded.

Amazon Prime Video, the e-commerce company's on-demand streaming service, has a fee independent of the fee imposed by an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon's double charge authorization is a way for them to verify your identity and make sure that you're not using a stolen credit card. If you bought from a third-party seller (three-penny seller), it's still best to contact your bank or Amazon, since they are the ones who communicate with 3P sellers in case of charge disputes, which sometimes results in chargebacks. It's possible to have multiple orders for the same product in your Amazon account if you place an order and then cancel it before it ships, or if you buy a product on Amazon and repurchase it later in the same session with a different payment method.

However, if they charge you more than once, you can send a copy of your card statement to Amazon for a refund. The double charge refund from Amazon can take up to three business days until your bank eliminates the outstanding charge and the same amount of time until Amazon refunds the temporary charge. It's important to understand the difference between Prime Video and Amazon Prime. In some cases, Amazon can mark the account of people who don't use Amazon frequently if it looks like they've placed a large order that they've never placed before.

If someone experiences a double charge, they should know that it could be due to withholding credit card authorization, several Amazon accounts that many people have access to, lesser-known Amazon charges, or the platform's practice of dividing an order into several shipments.