What kind of photography sells best?

Candid photos sell better than posed photos. They want them to be honest.

What kind of photography sells best?

Candid photos sell better than posed photos. They want them to be honest. Studying the top contributors on Shutterstock yields an interesting result. With a few notable exceptions, the vast majority of high-performing collaborators sell generic photos of people or events, or vector works of art.

Contributors antishock, Rvector, Aha-Soft and Toluk sell custom vector illustrations and are among the 10 best Shutterstock contributors. Each artist has their own personal style, but their work can be freely grouped into two main styles. The vast majority of popular searches show nature, animals, Christmas or cars. There are some exceptions, such as great backgrounds, but the vast majority of these searches will always be in demand.

Photos of specific seasons at the right time (for example, summer photos during spring and summer) sell well, but photographs of nature and seasons in general are very popular all year round. Like the popular photos above, animals, celebrities, and vector art are popular photo categories. For vector illustrations, customers often require original vector files. This will allow them to expand or modify their work to suit their needs.

If you're just getting started with vector illustrations, don't forget to read our guide to working with vector graphics in Photoshop. There are the photographs, and then there are the best-selling photographs. Some photos only speak to the masses, and you can find these images in our gallery of our best-selling photographs. Stroll along the Champs-Elysées in Paris or stroll among the wildflowers of Mendenhall.

See a sunset in Yosemite Valley or a sunrise behind a lighthouse in Cape Hatteras. Perhaps standing under mist-capped redwood trees in the Redwood National Forest is more your idea of an idyllic piece of art. Watch in amazement how giraffes pass by in an African twilight, or enjoy the symmetry of an ancient spiral staircase. These are the best photographs we know and await your most demanding eye in our collection of best-selling photographs.

Wedding photography Portrait Family and children Architectural landscapes Wildlife Fine art Photojournalism & Street monkey (black& white) Corporate photography Macro photography Wedding photography A popular photography career, a beginner can earn more than 1000 pounds a day and up to more than 5000 pounds for an experienced wedding photographer. Portrait of family and children A great way to supplement income, portraits can take the form of sessions of babies, pets, family members or couples. Landscape Extremely popular but difficult to master, only a few photographers will be able to earn a living from landscape photography. Architecture Most companies need a photo of their building, both outside and inside.

With the right contacts, you can make a career with just this genre. Delving into wildlife is expensive but rewarding once you do it, good glass is everything in wildlife photography. The lenses can cost 1000 pounds, but if you get good results, wildlife sells well on stock imaging sites.