What Type of Photography Makes the Most Money?

From stock photography to wedding photography to sports photography - learn what type of photography makes the most money.

What Type of Photography Makes the Most Money?

Almost all YouTubers who talk about photography or video have worked or are still working in this field. I also did my fair share 10 years ago, when I was editing the photographs taken by the photographers who were in favor of the wedding. Of course, after the wedding comes the family portrait and the baby's photo session. You've all seen those cute pictures of babies in cribs, resting in a basket with puppies, etc.Well, nowadays everyone wants those kinds of photos of their children, especially for Christmas and birthdays.

Believe it or not, some photographers are charging more than 10,000 for these types of photographs. If you work HARD, you'll eventually earn a good amount of money with stock photos. By working hard, I mean having a portfolio with thousands of images. The price can range from a few cents to a dollar or 2 dollars per image.

Lo and behold, one of the least profitable photographic genres is portrait photography, unless, of course, you are Annie Liebovitz or David LaChapelle. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, earning a living from portraits alone is going to be quite difficult. For this reason, we place nature photography slightly ahead of portrait photography because of its longer-lasting potential for earning income from stocks.

Photojournalism: A Lucrative Career Path

Photojournalism is one of the most sought after photographic careers. A professional photojournalist takes photographs of people, places and events to accompany the news.

These photos often appear in newspapers, both in print and online, and help bring the news to life. If you want to specialize in photographing haute couture models, you'll usually need to work in an agency that has clients in that world.The problem is that this type of photography is extremely expensive, but the 5 most expensive photography styles will be in the next video with more details. Animal images, especially those that mix the cute and the strange, are among the best-selling types of stock images. Some may focus on photographs of people, while others make their mark by photographing natural landscapes, wildlife, or any other subject.

In addition to earning money by photographing them and sending them the photos, you can also sell copies to guests during the wedding.

Documentary Photography: Capturing Historical Events

Documentary photographers are like photojournalists, but their main priority is to photograph events or scenes that have historical significance. Due to the wide variety of types of photo sessions, there is a high demand for portrait photographers. In addition, wedding photographers have expanded their services to this type of photography, offering “Future Happiness” packages to their clients. Interior photographers rank slightly higher in the profitability ranking because the subject is often of higher value, and photographing interiors is a specialized skill that usually involves expensive lighting equipment and some important post-processing skills.

Sports Photography: Capturing Action Shots

This usually includes photographing athletes during games or practices, but a sports photographer can also be found documenting other events organized by the team.In conclusion, there are many different types of photography that can be profitable depending on your skillset and interests.

From stock photography to wedding photography to sports photography and more - there are plenty of opportunities out there for aspiring photographers who want to make money from their craft.